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Keepnets, landing nets There are 5 products.

    TRUST PRO telescopic two sections landing net with very comfortable opening system and rubberised mesh. Quick and easy one hand extending handle by pushing button that start spring mechanism....

    Professional carp landing nets with 150cm handle. Depending on version available with rubber or standard mesh and telescopic or put-over handles.

    Carp landing net with duralumin spreader block. Quick and easy folding and unfolding. Available as single head with threaded block. Full range landing net handles available. NEW! - PL-AK250KX

    Powerful carp and lighter versatile landing net handles in the range. Threaded ends made of robust brass.

    Very power carp landing and lighter versatile net handles available. Threaded ends made of robust brass. NEW! - PL-AFC350, PL-AF300

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