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Hooks There are 7 products.

    Forged hooks with incredible strength. Made for the biggest fish. Perfectly made of carbon steel HI-CARBON. Versatile usage for most catfish methods.

    Extreme strong hooks for every catfish. Designed for active catfish fishing methods. Great for live bait fishing.

    The best quality treble for catfish fishing. Materials dedicated to the biggest predators. Versatile to use in the most catfish fishing methods.

    Jigheads developed for slim and finesse soft baits. Carefully made with super sharp OWNER hooks. Unique stainless steel lure keeper keeps any lure in place. Introducing in May 2021.

    Jigheads developed for micro soft baits. Stainless steel lure keeper keeps slim lures in place. It protects delicate soft lures against damaging. Packed of 3 the same size jigheads. Introducing...

    Very sharp SUMATO jigheads with addtional stainless steel lure keeper instead of lead collar. Great for keeping slim and delicate lures in place. Keeper also extend durability of the lures. Packed...

    SUMATO SLIM MICRO Jigheads for tiny soft lures. Stainless steel lure keeper keeps the lure in place. Very sharp and effective jigheads. Introducing in May 2021.

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